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Ian Haskayne


Merseybeat Nostalgia

Ian and the Zodiacs

Ian and the Zodiacs

Left to right

Charlie Flynn -Bass/Vocals

Pete Wallace - Lead Guitar

Geoff Bamford - Drums

Ian Edwards - Guitar/Vocals

The Zodiacs formed in 1958 as a trad jazz band, at an audition at the Savoy Hall (Waterloo, Merseyside), the promoter offered them a 30 minute slot if they had a singer and suggested John Kennedy, a friend of top of the bill group, The James Boys. In 1960 Ian Edwards replaced him as singer as they changed to rock ‘n’ roll. Later that year they started playing at the Orrell Park

Ballroom (known as the OPB), with the ballroom manager becoming their manager. They played regularly at Litherland Town Hall, Aintree Institute and Lathom Hall, all top venues and became resident group at St. Lukes Hall (the Jive-Hive) on both Wednesday and Saturday nights. As Ian and the Zodiacs, they recorded 3 tracks for the ‘This Is Mersey Beat’ albums - ‘Beachwood 4-5789’, It Ain’t Necessarily So’ and ‘Lets Turkey Trot’ (Beachwood 4-5789 and Lets Turkey Trot where both released as singles). In 1965 they made numerous trips to Germany releasing one LP and two singles. their German A&R man Siegfried Lock, while working for the Philips label, released ‘The Crying Game’ (a track from the album) in the US where it sold over 250,000 copies, reaching No. 1 in Texas. Later that year they released a British single ‘Just The Little Things That I Like’/’This Won’t Happen To Me’, they also released an album on the Wings label called ‘Gear Again’, under the name of ‘The KoppyKats’, it was an album of Beatles hits and their best selling release but as they had accepted a session fee, they didn’t receive royalties! Ian and the Zodiacs disbanded in 1967.

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So Much In Love With You

The Crying Game

I Need You (from the album ‘Gear Again’)

It Ain’t Necessarily So

Beachwood 4-5789 (from the album ‘This Is Mersey Beat’)

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