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The site includes a mixture of well known 1960’s groups, The Merseybeats, Gerry and the Pacemakers,The Mojos, The Searchers and The Fourmost, and the lesser known groups (outside of Merseyside) but equally as good, Farons Flamingos, The Undertakers, The Dennisons, The Big Three etc., all of whom contributed to the change in British and American popular music that came about in the 1960’s. The site also includes Beryl Marsden, the best solo female singer (in my opinion) to come out of Merseyside.

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Merseybeat album 1

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Album Cover Volume 2

The nostalgia ‘bit’ of this site is my memories; the groups, the recordings and the places we visited to see our favorite groups. The friends - Brian Sugden, Pete Green and John Mc (sadly I can’t remember John’s last name) with whom I have now lost touch - Brian and John lived in Boundary Road, opposite Bootle Golf Course near to the Netherton Pub and Pete lived in Bootle near Williams toffee works - and the great times we had at Litherland Town Hall, St Luke’s Church Hall, and The Orrell Park Ballroom - to name but a few of the available ‘haunts’ for teenagers in the ‘sixties’

Merseybeat (The sound) has been nominated as an ‘Icon of England’ please visit the site by clicking on the link and vote either yes or no.

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After many emails asking why The Beatles don’t have a page, I have added a page of photographs posted to me from an unknown ‘Mersey Beat Fan’, the page is still under construction.

The video’s on the site may not be working and I apologize for this, I am trying to rectify the problem and hope to have them working in the near future.

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